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        Talent Strategy

        Direction always adhere to the people-oriented principle and the "merit, Personnel, best use" concept of talent, talent recruitment, selection, training, motivation, evaluation, and constantly blaze new trails, to build a talent Heights, and gradually establish a scientific human resources management mechanism, to promote openness, equality, competition, employing the principle of merit, provided a broad space for the talent soar. HR department needed long-term development of the bold promotion, reasonable recruitment, scientific reserves, sufficient to achieve optimized allocation of human resources to ensure that their talent, their fitness people; the company for its unique corporate culture symbiosis, for the talent to create a good growth environment and career development space, so the direction of the company's concept of teamwork and co penetrate into the staff and ensure that opportunities for personal development and business development opportunities for every employee simultaneously increased.

        The company has been the "sentiments, keep people treatment," as the consistent policy of human resources, all-round good to keep people working there by providing competitive pay and benefits, improve the well-being and emotional and other communication measures to achieve the goal of keeping the hardware.